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Thermostat Product Details

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Air Power is which combines the functions of thermostat and fan heater together. You could select just heating up either the towel rail or fan heater. Or maybe you use the two heaters at same time to speed up the warming. All the setting is doing by an IR remote controller. In summer, the cool air blowing is useful to get the bathroom dry. While in winter, the double heating ability guarantees quick warm up.


●Input 100-220Vac/50-60Hz

●Max Output

●Temperature Selection Range

  Fan Blower 750Watts 

  Towel Rail 1000Watts

●Towel Rail Temperature

Setting Range (30-70℃ )

●Room Temperature

Setting Range (10-32℃ )

●Work Mode

Fan Blower: Hot Air / Cool Air/Timer

Towel Rail:Stand-by/Heating/Timer

●Infrared Remote Controlling

●Class 1 Insulation

●Dark Operation Indicator Included

●LED Display

●Product Size: (L)27x(W)11x(H)11mm

●CE/UKCA Certified 

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