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Thermostat Product Details

Thermostat Product Details

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Timebar Series is a very simple Bathroom Towel Rail Temperature Controller.

Via a round switch to decide how much time the controller works on a fixed temperature value. Besides Standby and Constant Mode, it has other 5 timers. User could select the suitable one to warm up your towel rail. All the timers would repeat to heat up in a 24 hours cycle. Working status could be present by LED indicator clearly.


●Input 100-220Vac/50-60Hz

●Max Output 2000W

●Temperaturing  70℃

●IPX4 Waterproof

●Class 1 Insulation

●Built-in Buzzer

●Work Modes : Standby/2H Timer/3H Timer/4H Timer/ 5H Timer/8H Timer /Constant

●Heating Element Included

●CE/UKCA Certified 

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