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Mini05 Plus SD

Thermostat Product Details

Thermostat Product Details

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Mini05 Plus SD provides an option for those users who may likes a screen showing all of informations on. It has same functions as our Mini05 Plus. You are allowed to control it via Tuya App loaded on the phones. Basically this thermostat has same functions as Mini05 Plus, the difference is on the way of displaying. The exterior color could be done according to the preference of customer. It has two versions as in Mini05 Plus SD. Vertical type is for Towel Rail, and Horizontal is for Radiators.


●Input 100-220Vac/50-60Hz

●Max Output 1200W

●Temperature Selection Range

  Room Temperature 7 - 28°C 

  Towel Rail 7 - 70°C

●Built-in Tuya WIFI Module

●LED Array Display

●One touch key for mode selection and pairing.

●Built-in Buzzer

●7 Work Modes:Standby / LST/ Setback / Manual/ Comfort / RBT / Program

●Window / Door Opened Detection (3 Pieces Max.)

●IPX4 Waterproof

●Key Lock

●Built-in Memory

●Abnormal Protections

●CE/UKCA Certified

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