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Intelligent Controller Product Details

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Smart Plug provides users most convenient way to do the wireless remote controlling for those home appliances you want to manage. It is not necessary to install it into the wall beforehand. Via our dedicated Tuya App, it becomes easy to be use and convenient to check the power consumption of the device connected with. This device has almost same functions as our Smart Switch. Both are using same App to control your home appliances. It could also work together with outside window sensors to protect your places out of intrusion.



●Input 100-220Vac/50-60Hz

●Max Output 3000W

●Temperature Selection Range

 Room Temperature 7-32°C 

 Temperature of Heating Device 7-70°C

●Built-in Tuya WIFI Module

●Built-in Buzzer

●With the Option for Displaying Either Room Temperature or Set Temperature on Smart Phone.

●With a Replaceable 15A/250Vac Fuse

●Built-in Dedicated Power Consumption Calculation Chip

●Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor

●Window / Door Opened Detection (3 Pieces Max.)

●Equipped with a1 Meter External NTC sensor.

●CE/UKCA Certified 

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